Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Post 23 - Auckland - same, but different!

It's amazing how, even on the other side of the world, some things don't change!

Walking down a major shopping street in Auckland, you still see a Starbucks, McDonlads or Burger King every 20 steps! You still get mad people talking to themselves or anyone who will listen.
Sitting in a pub eating a bacon sandwich at 9am on Sunday morning, we were a bit surprised to see someone come in, order a beer at the bar, then go to the corner and put a bet on the horse racing!

On the plus side however, apart from being able to get a beer seemingly anytime you want, it's winter and the sky is still bluer than most summer days in Glasgow! And of course everyone is so friendly! Trailing our multiple suitcases and bags into the hotel lobby, a little old lady, who told us how great the hotel was, offered to help us with our cases. It looked as if she would struggle to lift more than 1 shopping bag, but she offered anyway!

Such an amazing city, you really need to visit to see how great it is for yourselves!


Kenny said...

Enjoy yourselve, dont forget to post some of your photos

Anonymous said...

thats it !
you've put me right off now.
the place is full of junk food addicts, gamblers, & piss heads. as for the little old dear, she was just after ya money.....
the world is a big place when your at home, but when your in the world, its not that big at all!!!!
love ya both

Anonymous said...

only kidding guyz
the world would not be the same without them. but the old girl, i reckon was still after a tip....!
the 5 of us will visit you one day.
love ya

Kate said...

The photos will hopefully be up in the next few days.

So far we are enjoying ourselves - its a lot of fun!

The lady also asked if I was a local - I have finally found a home for my weird and wonderful accent....its actually becoming more kiwi by the hour....just y'all wait till you hear me speak!