Monday, August 29, 2005

Post no. 58 - And hello from me

Most of you already know I don't say much, so I will keep this short.

Work is still going really well. Basics are the same as the UK, just the finer details that are completely different! Really nice bunch of people which always help you settle in.

I was out yesterday trying to get a game for one of the local soccer teams on Saturday, pretty obvious how far down the prority list it is here, but the talent seems to be about my level! Got 15 minutes in the last game of the season, so need to wait till March for the season to restart.

We went out for a drive today looking for the look out from one of the local windfarms, didn't find it of course, but had a nice drive round some local towns anyway. Got some pictures of the windfarm from Ashurst.... to be the best sources of energy in my opinion.

Also went out shopping today, to buy you some lovely presents if you happen to be lucky enough to win the up and coming competion! Keep your eyes peeled, i'm sure Katie has it planned for this week.

Hope you are all well?

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Si Nara said...

Bout Time!