Saturday, April 08, 2006

Post No. 102 - Big Days Ahead!

Wow, this time next week we should have most of our stuff in the new house. No doubt it will still be chaos with boxes piled up everywhere, but we should be in! Most things are sorted out now, just need to go through for a 'pre-settlement inspection' on Monday then drop off the cheque at the lawyers then we'll be ready to roll. Oh yeah, suppose we need to pack too!

Here's a picture of our new lounge to keep you going till we get in and take a few more photos for you all.

But before all of that happens, the Manawatu football (of the round ball variety) leagues kick off this weekend. I've got myself into the RedSox Manawatu (RSM) Thrashers squad and hopefully will play in this weekends season opener. I've set up a really basic website for those of you who are interested to keep a track of how my season is going. You should be able to get on it here, there is also a link under the 'other links' section of the blog which you should also be able to use. If you check the website on Monday our result should be up there at the least.

Have a good weekend!

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