Sunday, August 06, 2006

Post No 113 - Where are you?

Anne McAllister and Kate Hardy (both authors whose books I enjoy reading) both have cluster maps on their blogs which I think are quite cool. So now there is one on here too! It shows where people are that look at your blog.
Please note: I am not planning to stalk any of you and other than the little dot on the map I won't get anymore information about you so your secrets are safe!

I'm enjoying a clear sunny winter's Saturday. Graeme is over at the army base playing soccer, the dog is lazing on the back doorstep and the neighbours are cutting their grass! I am contemplating my latest assignment for the journalism course and have decided to limber up by writing a post here! Then I might dilly-dally a little longer and make some scones - how housewifely of me!

We are hoping to get down to Wellington tomorrow to go to Te Papa as the Lord of the Rings exhibition ends on the 20th of this month. There is also a John Constable exhibit on so going to see if I recognise any of the views! We might try and squeeze a quick zoo visit in too seeing how we have annual passes.

I'm getting into scrapbooking and have a couple of classes and get togethers coming up with friends that are starting out too. It's going to be so great to have all of our New Zealand travel photos nicely presented with a story on each page as well. I might try scanning one of the pages I do and show it on here - the scanners a bit too small though so will probably end up chopping some of it off!

One of the pictures on my Auckland scrapbook page

Have a fun weekend!