Sunday, November 22, 2009

28 things aged 28

(Had been planning to post more wedding mosaics but can't remember my password for the mosaic programme - hopefully will get more up in the next few days).

Following on from the success of my 27 things to do aged 27 list I came up with a similar list for my 28th birthday.
Like last year, I will try and do sporadic updates to show how I am getting on.

Here goes:

28 things, aged 28

=not done

1. Post 28 hand-written letters DONE
2. Get married – become Mrs. G DONE
3. Perfect my new ‘married’ signature DONE
4. Have a honeymoon DONE
5. Watch 28 movies DONE

6. Play Badminton
7. Ride a horse
8. Read ‘A Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley
9. Swim 20 times 3/20
10. Scrapbook our wedding photos (not scrapbooked in the usual sense but I have the professional album plus an album of guests shots so I'm calling this DONE)
11. Walk Rhett 75 times (nowhere near 75 unfortunately)
12. Capture the seasons on camera and document (Half done - I got the photos but didn't document them in anyway)
13. Give myself 50 beauty treatments (about 20/50)

14. Purchase 28 bonus bonds
15. Scrapbook 50 times
16. Keep an everyday life journal (300/365 days at least)..(I made a good start on this but didn't make 300 days)
17. Make an acrylic mini book - I bought the album, might get round to making it this year!
18. Blog 50 times - 29/50
19. List 100 things I love about myself

20. Try a new recipe every month DONE
21. Crochet something DONE - I haven't finished it bit I've definetely crocheted something!

22. Tell Graeme I love him 100 different ways
23. Have a K&G date night every month

24. Eat 365 portions of fruit
25. Choose a song per month for my 28 compilation album
26. Go on the Wii Fit/Treadmill 50 times
27. Phone a friend every month
28. Spend time each week making the house ready for company

One thing already completed before I've even posted the list. Result!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

All on our lonesome

f friends 13
Originally uploaded by Katie in NZ
The last of our guests left this morning on her way back to the UK (bye Sarah!) and the house feels so empty.
Don't get me wrong - it's lovely to finally have some alone time with my new husband (still smile everytime I say or type that) but we miss everyone so much.
For the last 3 weeks we have had at least one person staying with us and most of the time it's been much more than one.
The three of us (me, G and Rhett) are rattling around not quite sure what to do with ourselves.

So between weepy missing everyone moments I am trying to keep busy. Today I baked rolls and fairy cakes ans we watched Elf (best Christmas movie ever!)
We had some amazing fresh fish fried in breadcrumbs for our tea. This morning was the first of the Palmy Farmers Market which will hopefully become a permanent Sunday morning fixture in town. We also bought cheese. Next week I'm hoping to get some local and fresh eggs and veggies - yummy.

Will get mosaicing with some other wedding photos soon and get them posted.
On Friday we also had the excitement of access to our online album containing 397 photos by the official photographers - way too many to choose from! They are all lovely.

This is turning out to be quite random now so I am off for a bubble bath and early night.

This photo is us with all of our friends that came to the wedding.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Wedding : : The Boys

: : Top to bottom, left to right : :
1. At the hotel, 2. Posing at the heliport, 3. Same
4. Arriving at Boomrock, 5. Same, 6. Waiting for the bride
7. Groom shooting, 8. Bestman shooting, 9. Posing
10. Extreme golf, 11. No garters, 12. What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?

Wedding : : Food

: : Top to bottom, left to right : :
1. Title, 2. Starter - Beef fillet with horseradish filled Yorkshire pudding & rocket salad, 3. Starter - Buffalo Mozzarella Vine Tomato basic & proscuitto
4. Main - Snapper fillet, pan roasted with pepper provolone tapenade, warm snow pea, scallion, pear tomato & bell pepper salad, 5. Main - Lamb rump with roasted kumara, pumpkin, potato & parsnip with mint jelly, 6. Dessert - Traditional New Zealand Pavlova with Kiwifruit Strawberries & Cream

I had the buffalo mozzarella, lamb and pavlova. Graeme had the beef, lamb and pavlova. It was divine.


We also had canapes after the ceremony which were amazing. Unfortunately, we were all busy with activities and photographs when they were served so there are no photos but they were beautiful. The pakorah was my favourite :-) Here's what we had:

Lemon chicken skewers with lemon pickle
Boomrock venison sausage rolls with Maharaja chutney
Carrot & pistachio ‘pakorah’ with yoghurt & poppy seed dressing

Wedding : : Details

: : Top to bottom, left to right : :
1. Bride's bouquet, 2. Mother of Bride buttonhole, 3. Wedding cakes
4. Bride's hair, 5. Bouquet's and dresses, 6. Mother of Groom buttonhole
7. Place setting, 8. the Table, 9. Table decoration
Just some of the details I want to share here. If you have an aversion to weddings you may want to avoid the blog for a couple of weeks. If you love weddings, come back every few days and I'll try to make regular posts.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

mr & mrs

i us 17
Originally uploaded by Katie in NZ
On Monday (2nd November 2009) we became Mr and Mrs.
It was an amazingly beautiful day and we are currently over-awed by the amazing photos our guests have taken.
This is just one of them.
We will try and get more posted over the coming days but if you want to dive straight in and see them all - go here: