Monday, November 14, 2005

Post No. 84 - We went to the Zoo!

We had a fairly busy week and were happy when the weekend arrived! Yesterday we had a fairly lazy day sorting some stuff out around the house and we rented a DVD to watch last night - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Graeme, having previously read the book, was unimpressed. I didn't know any better!

Today, the weather looked good so we headed down to Wellington in the car to visit the zoo! We had been thinking about going for a while and it was worth the 2 hour drive to get there. It helps that the drive is a beautiful one. First you travel alongside the mountain range, then along the coast - great views!
So we saw lions and giraffes and meerkats (all pictured). Also red pandas, chameleons, cotton tailed tamarins, lemurs, kangaroos, emus, zebra, otters....the list goes on and on!
Hope you all had a good weekend too!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Post No. 83 - So do they have Guy Fawkes in the UK?

Glad the 5th is well and truly behind us cos I just couldn't have answered that qeustion anymore. I mean, what do you say to that! Perhaps it was just a conversation starter or its some test to find out if we really are British - who knows!

Went to a Bonfire party on Saturday night which was in the middle of nowhere on a sheep farm. Driving home at midnight was scary - just our car for kilometres and kilometres, like something out of one of those horror films where they break down in the middle of nowehere and this big beastie comes to eat them alive - eeek!

So there we were stood in the garden while they had the impromptu 'display', everyone that turned up must have bought a box of "crackers" (as they tend to call them here) as there were loads and loads! And you will never guess how they were lighting them.....with a blow torch connected up to a Calor gas bottle - I kid you not!

No photos of said Firework lighter cos the camera is still poorly so instead here's an Aussie one for you:
The most laid-back kangaroo in the world!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Post No. 82 - Uh-oh! Tis broken

Darn it, the digital camera doesn't work. It was playing up the last couple weeks but G managed to get the photos we took in Australia off it last Friday when we get home. Then the next day, went to use it...and nah - kaput - unlucky! We got a good run out of it though didn't we - its taken 1000s of photos!

So no photos for a while. I have a stock here of previously taken pics so never fear - while Blogger lets me I will find something to post for you. And there should be a CD of more Oz photos winging its way across the Tasman soon.

Seal at SeaWorld

And in my usual manner, I will now start talking about something completely different and uninteresting - you won't believe what I am listening to just now - I managed to find Curtis Stigers in our music library...I must admit at this stage that it would have originated from me or mine as Graeme would have nothing to do with Curtis. Our music collection is somewhat weird (I can't think of a more suitable word at this point!), an eclectic mix may be a polite way of putting it. I got an iPod shuffle for my birthday and its so fab! A bit of Aretha Franklin one minute followed by some Travis and then the Rolling Stones followed up by Girls Aloud.

What else....ummmmm.....methinking. I started a new job - I'm now at a Recruitment Agency (the one that found Graeme his job and I have been temping through in the past while) actually working in their office. I am the Resource Co-ordinator...sounds like my cuppa tea (well - it would if I drank tea!), not bad so far, lots to learn and it will keep me sorted until Crimbo (lets not talk about the C word huh - we have to do the dreaded shopping tomorrow, so will need at least a fortnight to recover from the trapsing and browsing and spending and wrapping and posting and blah, blah, blah!).
Then tomorrow night we are off to a Bonfire party - away out in the countryside with the sheep and!

Have a fun weekend and be safe with those sparklers now!