Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Post No. 83 - So do they have Guy Fawkes in the UK?

Glad the 5th is well and truly behind us cos I just couldn't have answered that qeustion anymore. I mean, what do you say to that! Perhaps it was just a conversation starter or its some test to find out if we really are British - who knows!

Went to a Bonfire party on Saturday night which was in the middle of nowhere on a sheep farm. Driving home at midnight was scary - just our car for kilometres and kilometres, like something out of one of those horror films where they break down in the middle of nowehere and this big beastie comes to eat them alive - eeek!

So there we were stood in the garden while they had the impromptu 'display', everyone that turned up must have bought a box of "crackers" (as they tend to call them here) as there were loads and loads! And you will never guess how they were lighting them.....with a blow torch connected up to a Calor gas bottle - I kid you not!

No photos of said Firework lighter cos the camera is still poorly so instead here's an Aussie one for you:
The most laid-back kangaroo in the world!

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