Sunday, December 25, 2005

Post No. 88 - 'Twas the night before Christmas..

...and all throught the house, no creature was stirring, not even a mouse

Would you look at that mean mean sky! This was taken yesterday from our balcony - one side of the house had those dark mencaing clouds and on the other was bright sunshine - which is why the white house looks so bright!

Wow! Its Christmas Eve! Hope you are all having a safe and enjoyable holiday.

It's been a great day so far. After a long lie and a natter with Mum we headed out for a 2 hour walk from the Park alongside the Manawatu River...

Now we are back at home, getting ready for dinner, having a wee tipple and playing song quizzes!

We are hoping that tomorrow brings good weather for a day at the beach....after opening our pressies of course! And me and Graeme have the next fortnight off work - woo hoo!

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