Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ten Things Right Now

Lists are the way forward...

1) I just downloaded Coldplay's free album for fans here

2) In 9 weeks time we will be in the UK (local time)

3) We are going to see the All Blacks play France on Graeme's birthday

4) I am wearing a blanket over a hoody

5) I love our newly decorated lounge more each day

6) I watched last week's Grey's Anatomy on TVNZ On Demand tonight and sobbed most of the way through it

7) We had lamb and roast veggies with couscous, natural yogurt, flaked almonds and mint sauce for tea tonight

8) I can hear Graeme on the Wii Fit (between Coldplay tracks at top volume!)

9) I ran out of hayfever meds on Friday and my eyes itch like nobody's business. Totally going to doctors tomorrow.

10) My hair is getting super long and I like it.

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