Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm not sure this will be new news to anyone as the phone lines, skype sessions, facebook status' and tweets have been a buzz this last week or so....
But it is, after all, the next stage of our NZ adventure so I will share it here.
Bubs is due on 9th August. We had a scan at the start of this month and all seems well.
Other than extreme tiredness, unpleasant nausea and a ridiculously sensitive nose I've been keeping pretty well.
We are very excited and of course, a wee bit apprehensive about what changes this will bring...but we can't wait to meet Bubs :-)


Diane said...

Congratulations. As you already know, no doubt, I finally caught up on Facebook this morning, and it made me wornder if I'd missed a blog post. Glad I didn't. Good luck for a smooth time ahead.

Diane said...

# wonder (tsk).

Kelly said...

Hullo little one, we can't wait to meet you in 6months time!

Wren said...

Congratulations! :)