Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Big Question

The question most people ask is why?
The answer to this is simple and easy - why not? !
The 'Why' is because there has to be more out there and we wanted to see what 'more' was!

The next big question is, of course, why NZ? So here goes...
  • it had to be English speaking -neither of us have particularly good language skills! (And for me, that goes for English language skills as well!)
  • it had to have a slightly better climate then the UK
  • it couldn't be too hot

So NZ met all this criteria, we looked into Australia as well but for now, NZ holds the biggest appeal.

And ever since we have been looking into this and researching NZ we have not found anything that has put us off.

It will very interesting to see if it meets all our expectations when we eventually arrive!

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