Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Well that quickly fell by the wayside...

...its been ages since I posted.
What can I say - its been a whirlwind of activity!

We managed to get out of the old and flat and into the new flat without too much commotion...although some may say we did have too much stuff! I am inclined to agree when most of it is still in boxes and hasn't been used since we moved!

Now we are temporarily settling into life in the Merchant City! We went for dinner on Firday night and spent most of yesterday in various bars and pubs....really do need to curb the spending so we have some money left for NZ!

It's now less then 9 weeks till we fly out....time has never moved so quickly!

We are due to head down to Essex this coming weekend to catch up with friends and family and we are staying for a week.

I am hoping to find some decent piccies of NZ to get up here to help explain why we are going so keep your eyes peeled!

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