Monday, February 13, 2006

Permanent Residents of New Zealand!

So we submitted the final stage of our application for residency on Tuesday 24th January and were told we should have a decision within 2 months.

You can imagine our surprise when a letter arrived yesterday (not even 3 weeks after the forms were put into the office) saying we had been approved!!!!

We are so excited! We still have to go along and pay the 'migrant levy' and get a new stamp in our passports but once that is done, it is all official, we will be Permanent Residents of New Zealand!


It is definetly a strange feeling....its so great to have an answer but we have realised how much stuff we have to do now!

There has been so many things where we have said 'We will do that IF we get residency'. Now we do have it and we have to arrange a mortgage, get money over from the UK, get our stuff from dads loft, buy a house, get our NZ drivers licenses....phew! We will be very busy I think!

So I hope you are all looking forward to a holiday in New Zealand because we are planning to be here for a while and it would be so great having you all over for a holiday! We will let you know when we get a house and most importantly, a BBQ so that you can come over to see us!

Kate and Graeme's new house perhaps?


tawny_owl said...

congratulations... again! now you can get the whippet of your dreams...!!

Kate said...

Thanks Tawny! Looking forward to you visiting - you will love 'Owlcatraz'!