Monday, February 20, 2006

Post No. 98 - No getting rid of us!

We went along to the local immigration office on Monday to pay our migrant levy and are now the proud holders of new stickers in our passports.
These stickers prove we are allowed to reside in New Zealand indefinetly. Pretty cool!

It's been a strange week. We feel a certain amount of pressure is gone now because we don't have to cram in everything we wanted to see before June! But a whole lot of other pressure has the need to get a mortgage, find a decent house, get permanent work. Although, as a wise man has said to me (unfortunately he did not bear the gift of gold!), we have all the time in the world now, there is no need to rush, we should enjoy getting there!

We have a few social things lined up. We were out with the people I am currently working with (and that Graeme got his job through) on Friday for a drink. And yesterday, we met up with some people I previosuly worked with for a BBQ which was fun! Coming up this week, we are going Bowling with Graeme's work and next week we have a Housewarming/Engagement party to go to.

It's amazing how cool everyone is being. We have had lots of responses to the email we sent out saying we got residency and everyone that we have told here so far has congratulated us.

We are able to leave New Zealand now we are resident, for holidays etc, which we wern't sure we were able to. But at this point in time, we have no plans to venture further then Oz as there is still so much we want to see here!

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