Sunday, June 25, 2006

Post 109 - One year on...

...on the 24th June 2005 we boarded a plan at London Heathrow headed for Auckland New Zealand via LA. We had no idea what was ahead of us, we were extremely excited and sad that we were leaving everyone behind.

And here we are, 1 year later...the time has flown by! I can't quite believe its been a full year since we left. We have managed to do so much this last year and we have seen some lovely sights here in New Zealand.

And we haven't even been to South Island yet!...thats the plan for the coming year and also to have lots of people come visit and stay with us and also to plan a wedding and trip back to the UK in July 2008! So book that month out in your diary everyone - it'll be a ball!

And here's a link to a cool blog - all about NZ mailboxes! Enjoy!


tawny_owl said...

Wedding? Whit? Eh? You?!

Graeme said...

Hello, hello... but enough of the party songs. It doesn't seem that long since your leaving party to be honest, hard to believe I've been away for over a year too.

Love the pictures of your new doggie BTW.

I've started posting on my blog again, now that I've actually found something to talk about... please drop by :o)

Graeme, what's happened to your footie team this season? Some inconsistent results posted on your website I see...

Kate said...

tawny - yes, wedding and yes, you will get an invite - its going to be in the Lake District - we hope - a weekend full of celebration and alcohol of course (G will have to be mucho drunk to exchange nuptials with me)!

graeme - the year has just flown - lets hope we have some more visitors over the next one!
Said doggie is currently a cowering sodden heap on the floor beside me since Graeme thought it would be funny to hose him down whilst washing the car - oops!
Have read the blog and will monitor closely...I too must drink more water!
And I'll let Mr McC answer the soccer (soccer? - def been in NZ too long!)question!

Cheers Big Ears'