Monday, July 03, 2006

Post No 110 - True Kiwi's Now?

To celebrate our first anniversary of being in New Zealand, we treated ourselves...not to mention all the people that are going to come and visit.

We bought what epitomises (and yes, I did look that one in the dictionary to check I had the right word!) the true New Zealander, the best thing to ever happen to burgers and steaks...yes, you're on the right track - we purchased a Bar-be-que!

And here it is....what a beast!

So hopefully we have whetted a few appetites out there and may get a few more bookings into Chateaux Stalham-McCrae! We even bought BBQ utensils and a gas bottle to go with it...of course, we both had a daft hour trying to work out why the BBQ wouldn't light when the gas bottle was connected up - d'oh! You buy them empty then have to get them filled at the petrol station.

Once we have out first cook-up on there, we will get some pictures for you!

Also, I didn't realise how many people were still visiting the blog...and now feel extremely bad for the lack of posts over the last 6 months - I will definetly try harder! Thanks for all the comments and emails our faithful readers....and you'll all get an extra burger when you come to stay!

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