Friday, September 29, 2006

Post No 115 - Fire!

With summer just around the corner we went mad in the DIY/home stores at the weekend!

First of all we bought a lawn-mower - thank goodness cos the lawn really was in good need of a trim!

Then we bought a table and chairs set for the garden. One that folds up and can get put away in the garage so it doesn't get puppy chewed whilst we are out!

And finally, we bought a metal basket thing which you put stuff in to burn it! (I don't know what they are called!)

So on Sunday we got the basket full of garden trimmings and after a few attemps managed to get it alight! Then I ran inside to dig out the bag of marshamallows we had and we set light to some - hmmm, tasty!
Then we text some friends, another UK couple, to come round so we could show off our fire and break in the new alfresco dining set!
Once the fire had burnt itself out we all headed over to Ashhurst Domain for a Sunday evening walk with the pooch. A lovely end to a quiet and relaxing weekend!

This weekend is when daylight savings kicks in here in NZ. We will be 'springing forward' in the early hours of Sunday morning which means we will temporarily be 12 hours ahead of the UK until the clocks over there 'fall back'.

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