Friday, October 13, 2006

Sunburnt? In October?

Looking at the title of this blog, I will forgive you all for thinking that it's me that is suffering from lobster coloured, burning, stinging skin.
I imagine you will be surprised to know that it was actually Graeme that got sunburnt last Sunday! I was a little pink but relatively unscathed whereas Graeme had a very attractive red neck line come Sunday night.
He did spend a little longer outside then I did as he was cutting the grass on Saturday but it was Sunday after we went for a walk with some friends and Rhett that we noticed he 'had caught the sun' (what a euthanism!)

Here is some evidence of how we spent last Sunday afternoon:

We took a stroll beside the Manawatu River and then went into Victoria Esplanade and flaked out on the grass with some cool icey refreshments. As you can probably tell from the photo, the dog is rather partial to a raspberry flavoured ice lolly (or ice block as they are called here) and especially enjoys getting splinters on his tongue from chewing on the wooden stick once he has finished!

Here's hoping for more of the same weather over the next few weeks as Mum is due to arrive next Friday for her first stay in New Zealand, first look at our new(ish) home and first meeting with the mutt himself!
I am really looking forward to her visit - it will be great to see her again (after a year - the longest I have ever gone without seeing her!) and it means I get to play tourist again as we show her the sights of NZ. We have plans for a trip up to Rotorua and plan to go here, here (although I won't be wearing a lime green swimsuit thank you very much!) and here. Graeme is especially looking forward to the luge and I am wondering if we will be able to convince Mum to have a go at zorbing. What do you think?!
So hopefully I will have plenty of photos and news to show off over the next month so you might hear from me a little more often!


tawny_owl said...

Nice spell of weather you're having (unlike the spelling in your blog!) Think of us in the UK, winter is upon us!!

Kate said...

Yay! Someone spotted my deliberate error!
And you, of all people!
You know, there's a reason I keep a dictionary RIGHT beside the computer but I never look in it till after I hit publish! So to prove I did look it up afterwards - euphemism! (Or was there another one I missed?!?!)