Monday, November 06, 2006


I was hoping to get some posts up here more regularly while Mum is here and as I was off work but it wasn't to be - too busy shopping and being tourists.

We spent a lovely few days in Rotorua where we went to the sheep show,took a farm tour, zorbed(!), went to the thermal spa pools, rode the gondola and luged!
It was heaps of fun! Mum also got the opportunity to see some amazing NZ scenery on the drive there.

Oh and how can I forget - we saw some geezers, or should that be geysers(!) too.

I was hoping to give you more pictures but blogger seems awfy slow this evening and I keep getting error messages.
Will get some more photos on soon. In the meantime, Mum's time here is flying by and she flies back to Aussie Thursday so am going to spend some time with her rather than on t'internet!

Oh and Tawny Owl - if you're reading this - hope you having/had a fab time in Vegas!

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