Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Constant Rain

Well Mum arrived for her big trip to NZ on Friday around midnight. She saw a little bit of sun on Saturday morning and since then it has been raining - constantly! There is a crazy amount of rain happening here!
Our garden is no longer a garden - it's a series of lakes, the dog hates wet grass and refuses to step out on it and anytime we go anywhere we get soaked!
Lovely! Welcome to Beutiful New Zealand Mum!

Here is a picture of once of our new lakes:

We have still got out and about though and it's been fun. We did some serious shopping yesterday which was great and managed to find all sorts of bargains - including a free pair of shoes when we bought 2 pairs!

We had a BBQ on Sunday for my birthday and of course it was raining! So Graeme BBQ'd in the garage and we set all the food up inside. It was a great evening and Helen baked me a huge chocolate cake - it's yummy!

Not too sure what we will get up to today - I am hoping for a little strip of sun to come streaming from the clouds at some point to warm us up and dry out the lakes!

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