Monday, July 21, 2008

Puddles and Rodents

It was a wet weekend with lots of rain and puddles...and rain is what I can hear while I type this as well. Lovely!
We've been fairly lucky though....I don't mind putting up with some rain when I can stay indoors!

We bought bikes last week and have been cycling to work and so far haven't been caught in the rain. That's long as I keep staying dry on my way to work and home again it can rain as much as it likes while I am cosied up inside!

In other news we have a mouse outbreak last week...never a good thing but something that's pretty common in homes in NZ...especially when the mice want in from all the rain! The bugman was out today though so I am keeping my fingers crossed for no more Mr Mouse....4 in 48 hours was quite enough thank you! And the dog was useless....hiding behind me! I threatened to exchange him for a cat which seemed to sort him out a bit!

That's all for today - short and sweet! How's everyone else?