Saturday, August 30, 2008

About bloody time...

Yeah, it's been ages, I know.
We've been busy
  • working
  • hibernating
  • avoiding the rain
  • admiring signs of spring
  • watching the grass grow into a forest helpless to do anything about it
  • buying new pink phones (well just one)
  • buying comedy dvds (Bill Bailey, Peter Kay and Billy Connolly - ten bucks each - bargain)
  • meeting flights at 4am
  • showing 40 18-21 year olds the joys of NZ and Auckland
  • getting new jobs (just one of us but guess which one...)
  • planning trips to sunnier shores
I'll try to be a little more regular but it might be tough bearing in mind the rest of this year is pretty much mapped out in front of us and is gonna be pretty damn busy with
  • trips to see the rellies
  • looking at wedding venues
  • having a visit from Lyn
  • working out a long term plan for the city
  • working 50 hour weeks
  • briefing 150 18 years olds going overseas next year (and their parents)
  • going to the beach
  • some home improvements
  • turning 27 (how is that possible?)
  • dusting
  • mowing the forest

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Hurray! An entry!

Glad to hear you are both alive and well :D