Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogging on the road...

I am writing this post from a motel in Wellington. I am excited because my Mum is due to fly into Wellington just after midnight tonight! It's been over 9 months since I last saw her.

We are staying overnight in Wellington and then hit the InterIslander ferry tomorrow across to Picton. I have to go over to South Island for work and Mum is coming along for the ride! It's going to be great! I will have some company for all the long driving and Mum gets to see a lot of South Island for a fraction of the price it would normally cost!

It will be weird being away from home and Graeme on my birthday but I have booked Mum and me to do something pretty cool to try and make up for it. We are going to be in Oamaru so we are going to see the Blue Penguins which are gorgeous! I had my photo taken with one on my lap when we first arrived in New Zealand and it will be even better to see them in their natural habitat!
I am also keeping my fingers crossed that we see some seals in Kaikoura and some snow capped mountains as we drive around!
I will try and post as we travel round... so watch this space!
Of course - there was a certain someone who didn't look happy when I started packing my suitcase....
Have a good week!


Kelly said...

Safe travels m'dear!!!

I hope your mum enjoys our beautiful South Island too.

Kate said...

Thanks Missy! Keep checking back as I fully intend to get some pics posted during our travels! As long as t'internet behaves itself!
Hope all is well and you are still on cloud 9 about the job!
Cheers, K :-)