Friday, October 24, 2008

Still on the road...

Just a quick one today and I'm afraid to say no photos because I am typing this from an internet cafe. Tried to get photos off the camera onto the laptop last night and the battery on the camera went meaning none of the photos came across - argh! I will try again later so keep your fingers crossed!
I am writing this from Gore which we are visiting for a few hours. The whole week has been good so far. Mum has been enjoying the travels and seems quite happy milling around when I am at meetings. It's been good to catch up with people workwise and see they are (mostly) doing okay and enjoying NZ!
We are driving back to Dunedin this afternoon and have a big weekend planned! I have 3 days off and we are going to be proper tourists!
Highlight of the trip so far...taking Wednesday evening off (my birthday) and going to see the blue penguins at Oamaru - highly recommended - was amazing!
Hope to be back with photos soon!

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