Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Pancake Day

My belly is full of pancakes and sugar and lemon juice (fresh from the lemon tree in our garden).
I am content.
And I can totally recommend THIS recipe.

Happy Pancake Day!


Kelly said...

Mmmmmmmmm pancakes!!

Diane said...

Are you ahead of us there, then? I lose track.

Kate said...

Diane - yes - 13 hours ahead at the moment so as I write this it's 9.30am on Wednesday in NZ and 8.30pm on Tuesday night in the UK. Did you have some pancakes?

Diane said...

I got some readymade from Tesco. :o)

Emily said...

How cool to have a lemon tree to use for your own fresh lemon juice! What a neat treat! yum... -e