Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lovely long weekend

It's been a fabulous 3 day weekend! Very relaxing and I managed to get a few things ticked off my to do list as well.

After being away last weekend the days all seemed to merge into each other and after an 11 day working week I was soooo tired by Thursday night. I felt that all I had been doing was sleeping and working for so long. But I'm pretty much recovered now.

On Friday we went into town and did a bit of shopping (including a visit to the new discount Dymocks store where I picked up Tales of Beatle the Bard for $11 - bargain!) and then took a wander through the Square to see the Waitangi Day celebrations. I couldn't resist a photo of the NZ flag given the occassion and also talked Graeme into taking a fabulous shot of the Clock Tower.

On Saturday we caught up with friends over coffee after a cruisey morning.

And today (well, I'm sure you will be as surprised as I was that I did this!) we cycled to the swimming pool and went for a swim! It was lovely. It's been way too long since we'd been to the pool (especially considering I have pre-paid swims so we don't have to pay) and we are committed to going back soon - hopefully next weekend.

Our neighbour was away for the weekend so we were dog sitting too. It's lovely to have 2 dogs and I was trying to convince Graeme we should make it a permanent number but he wasn't so sure after all the play fights and barking in the middle of the night! Oh well.

This week is a 4 day week for me as well. I am off on Friday then all of the week after and don't go back to work until Tuesday 25th February. I have some annual leave to use up before the end of the month. Plans at this stage are to scrapbook, walk the dog, go on some bike rides, pay a visit to some wedding photographers (and possibly florists and maybe even some cake tasting) and have a bit of a clearout at home. Plus blog some more! So you might hear from me a bit more often over the next couple of weeks.


Kelly said...

There's a discount Dymocks in Palmy now??? I need to come home!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like a pretty lovely long weekend and I am super jealous of you having some annual leave off. I'd love a holiday at the moment (even though I know I just had 2 weeks off at Christmas - but that seems so long ago!).

Kate said...

There totally books coming in every week apparently. But only open for a wee while so they can assess if there's a need for a 'proper' Dymocks...I say yes. Bruce and Whitcoulls need some competition!

I can't quite believe I have so much annual leave to use up...because I've worked so many weekends most of my time-off was actually TOIL. I am soooo looking forward to it...I agree that the Christmas break seems a long time ago now.