Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review of 28 things aged 28

You can view the 28 things list here.

I have tried a couple of times to colour code it so it's easy to see what's complete, what was started and what wasn't done but for some reason it won't publish it.

At first glance the 28 things list could be considered an epic fail.
I completed 8 items.
But to be honest, I am pleased with what I achieved.
Not only did I complete those 8 items, I also made some progress with another 17 items even though I didn't finish them.
Only 3 items weren't started or completed and 2 of those were because I was pregnant and didn't want to do them for safety reasons (ride a horse and play badminton).

And let's not forget that in this last year I have achieved something pretty amazing. I got pregnant, grew a strong, healthy baby and then delivered him into this world (without any drug relief I might add).

Some things are more important than a list I drew up 13 months ago.

I realised pretty early on that I had made the list 'too much' - it wasn't a list of 28 things at all - most items had a bigger task than doing just one thing. It was do 28 of this or list 100 of that. I made it too hard.
Even if I hadn't been pregnant/a new mother for the whole year I think I would have struggled completing more items.
So I have made a 29 list but it's a fair bit simpler than last years. I'll try and share it with you over the next few days.

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