Sunday, November 22, 2009

28 things aged 28

(Had been planning to post more wedding mosaics but can't remember my password for the mosaic programme - hopefully will get more up in the next few days).

Following on from the success of my 27 things to do aged 27 list I came up with a similar list for my 28th birthday.
Like last year, I will try and do sporadic updates to show how I am getting on.

Here goes:

28 things, aged 28

=not done

1. Post 28 hand-written letters DONE
2. Get married – become Mrs. G DONE
3. Perfect my new ‘married’ signature DONE
4. Have a honeymoon DONE
5. Watch 28 movies DONE

6. Play Badminton
7. Ride a horse
8. Read ‘A Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley
9. Swim 20 times 3/20
10. Scrapbook our wedding photos (not scrapbooked in the usual sense but I have the professional album plus an album of guests shots so I'm calling this DONE)
11. Walk Rhett 75 times (nowhere near 75 unfortunately)
12. Capture the seasons on camera and document (Half done - I got the photos but didn't document them in anyway)
13. Give myself 50 beauty treatments (about 20/50)

14. Purchase 28 bonus bonds
15. Scrapbook 50 times
16. Keep an everyday life journal (300/365 days at least)..(I made a good start on this but didn't make 300 days)
17. Make an acrylic mini book - I bought the album, might get round to making it this year!
18. Blog 50 times - 29/50
19. List 100 things I love about myself

20. Try a new recipe every month DONE
21. Crochet something DONE - I haven't finished it bit I've definetely crocheted something!

22. Tell Graeme I love him 100 different ways
23. Have a K&G date night every month

24. Eat 365 portions of fruit
25. Choose a song per month for my 28 compilation album
26. Go on the Wii Fit/Treadmill 50 times
27. Phone a friend every month
28. Spend time each week making the house ready for company

One thing already completed before I've even posted the list. Result!

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Sarah said...

Excellent list Mrs, can I be the friend you phone every month and the company you prepare the house for? I think I shall be following your fine example and having a list at 32, still got 8 months to prepare for it.