Monday, April 03, 2006

Post 101 (I think!)

Gorgeous evening sky

Hi everyone, sorry its been a while.

There has been quite a lot happening lately.

We are still on track for moving house over the Easter weekend and are both bouncing around in excitment! We have bought and ordered everything we possibly can before moving in and are now concentrating on packing and cleaning (yuck!)

Graeme has been busy with soccer training and his team had a second friendly today - they won 8-4 (go the RSM Thrashers!)

I have started an extramural course in Journalism and have been working hard to get through the tutorials and assignments. I am thoroughly enjoying it!

We had some sad news from back home and the distance between NZ and the UK seemed to quadruple overnight. One of the worst feelings I have ever experienced is wanting to give someone a hug to let them know you care and not being able to. This all triggered the home sickness but due to how busy we have both been I think we have got through it.

On a happier note, we have heard from several people that are hoping to get out to visit in the next 12 months which is great news! Can't wait to see you all.

And one last thing - now the clocks have gone back here and forward in the UK, NZ is 11 hours ahead of UK time.

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