Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Post No 104 – We’re In!

Well, I am writing this on Easter Friday at 2.30pm into Word so we can upload it once the internet connection is on in the new place.

We are here! And so is all of our stuff!

We got the call to say we could pick up the keys at 12.30 yesterday, whilst standing at the kebab van in the centre of town would you believe! So we grabbed the kebabs, drove over to the agents to pick up the keys and then headed back to the flat to eat and pack up the car.

We headed over with the first car load, managed to disarm the burglar alarm without to0 much bother and took it all in! Finally, almost 7 weeks after seeing the house for the first time, we were in!

We managed to unpack most of the kitchen stuff and Graeme headed back to load up the car once again while I carried on with emptying the boxes. We made sure we were both here after 3pm as there were 3 deliveries due: the sofa’s, the white goods and the bedroom furniture.

At 5.30pm we were feeling very tired and starting to wonder where everyone had got to. Graeme decided to head back over for the TV so at least we could sit on the floor and watch some telly. A few minutes after he arrived back, the guy arrived to deliver the bedroom stuff. Then as that guy was making up the bed, the sofa’s arrived…we were on a roll! We had somewhere to sleep, drawers for our clothes, couches to sit on and a telly….what more could we need? Oh yeah, a fridge freezer, microwave and washing machine might be nice!

We were getting hungry at this point so I headed up the road to the local takeaway for a couple of sausage suppers – yum! We gave up on the white goods around half 8 and lounged all over the new couches!

Went to bed about 9.30 bone tired but so happy that we were in!

Today, so far, we hired a van and brought the rest of the stuff over from the flat, unloaded it and spoke to a lovely lady about the white goods. She was very apologetic and the goods came at midday. We have them all installed and have done some more unpacking. Had MaccyD’s for lunch and browsed through the many photos we have taken so far. And now, we are about to head back to the flat to do a final clean and hoover before handing the keys in tomorrow morning.

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