Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Post No. 103 - Happy Birthday Blog

Well, on the 11th April 2005, I posted the first of many posts on this is a refresher for you all:

Monday, April 11, 2005

The journey has started....
....and so it has begun.
Here we are less then 11 weeks before take off.
Life is somewhat chaotic but exciting!

So - 24 June - the big day, we fly from Heathrow to Auckland via LA.
We have our working holiday visa's, we have our flights booked and we are halfway there to having our accommodation on arrival booked.
What else is there to do other then put our feet up?

Oh yeah....pack all our stuff, empty our flat and vacate it by this Friday, move to a room temporarily, sell the car, ditch the sofas, buy some travel insurance, say goodbye and go.....

How excited we were then....and how stressful the move ended up being!
The good news is we learnt our lesson and this move seems to have been a lot less stressful. We have almost finished packing and are due to get the keys on Thursday - 2 MORE SLEEPS TO GO!!!

We will be offline over Easter as we can't get the broadband connection activated until Tuesday in the new place. We will be taking hundreds of pictures of the new place once we were in and may post 1 or 2 here once we are back online.

Sorry - no photo's today as Blogger isn't loading them!


tawny_owl said...

Hope the house move went well, and Happy Easter! Im sure you're loving the chocolate....

Kate said...

The move went well, thanks Tawny. And yes, chocolate has been enjoyed this Easter weekend. Although I must say with a bit more restraint than previously. I only had 1 creme egg this year!