Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 Ta da list

Here for public viewing and amusement is my 'Ta Da' List for 2006!

 Got through the immigration medical including blood test which I was absolutely terrified of!
 Tried white water rafting for the first time (and looking forward to a higher grade river next time!)
 Got New Zealand permanent residency (thanks Graeme!)
 Bought a house
 Bought furniture for new house
 Started a course on Freelance Journalism (which is ongoing and I hope to have completed by end of Feb 07)
 Started working permanently at Recruitment Plus
 Moved into house
 Got a dog (and I love him even though he is a complete and utter nuisance!)
 Learnt to scrapbook
 Gained my New Zealand Drivers license (by completing a scratch card theory test!)
 Bought a kick-ass ‘proper’ BBQ
 Made lots of friends
 Completed Basic Dog Obedience lessons with the mutt!
 Had Mum here to visit
 Had a housewarming/birthday./Mum’s here BBQ celebration ~ in the rain!
 Zorbed (it was so much fun!)
 Luged (again, lots of fun!)
 Lost 6kg (more next year!)
 Tried Go-Karting (which was painful and I had bad bruises to prove it – they are just disappearing now! But I’m willing to give it another shot once the painful memories fade away!)
 Had a Christmas BBQ ~ in the rain (can you see a recurring theme here?!)
 Visited South Island
 Went on the Inter-Islander ferry
 Swam with the dolphins (and I can’t wait to do it again now I have worked out how to snorkel!)
 Learnt to snorkel (but no diving yet!)
 Watched whales
 Wrote this list and realized that I have achieved a lot this year and am quite content with the way life is panning out in most areas!

So there you have it - I have also written some goals for 2007 which I may share if I don't have anything better to talk about next time!

Does anyone else do crazy stuff like this or is it just me?!

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