Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Update - 18th January 2007

Dad's visit is drawing to an end - it will be sad to see him go but I'm sure he'll be over for another visit before long.
Our trip to Kaikoura seems a long time ago - even though one of the postcards I sent whilst there only just arrived at it's destination!
We are looking forward to out next travels now - it's a long weekend with a bank (sorry - public!) holiday on Monday (the day I am posting this blog) so we are hoping to go across to Napier for the day with Dad before he goes. (Yes, we did make it over to Napier on Saturday where we went to the National Aqaurium of New Zealand, had chips on the beach and played mini golf in the hot sun!)
And Graeme and I also have a few days booked in March to go to Melbourne, Australia. It will be our 2nd trip to Aussie and 1st to Melbourne and we are looking forward to it.
The biggest new to announce is my new job! I have recently been offered a new position and start early February. It's an admin/finance type role with a UK based charity and they have an office here in Palmerston Noth (it's a small world isn't it!) I will tell more once I've started and got my teeth into it!
Hope you are all taking care of yourselves!

PS - Apologies for the lack of photos - it's not letting me load them for some reason - will try again in a few days!


tawny_owl said...

Congrats on the new job!! Congrats on the chips on the beach!!!

Kate said...

Thanks Tawny - I must say the chips on the beach can be classified as one of my bigger achievements!

W. Inkle said...

oh, you don't blog anymore!