Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome 2007!

Hi all,

It's about time I got some updates on here as well as some photos.
One of my goals for 2007 is to make sure I keep in contact with family and friends more often so as part of that I will be trying to update the blog more often so you can see photos and what we are up to. I will try and get it updated every 2 weeks or so - please keep visiting when you have the chance and leave comments so we know you are reading!

My last post was November 13th just after Mum left and it seems like a lifetime ago! Dad is now here for a visit so we get to play tourists again. We got back at the weekend from a few days down on South Island (our first visit) in a place called Kaikoura. It's a beautiful place and we got to do and see some pretty amazing things. We saw gazillions of dolphins (and swan with them!) and a few whales, some albatross and some seals. And I swear I saw a lone penguin but both Dad and Graeme are still disputing that and believe it could have been a sea-gull instead! I know better! We enjoyed tasty seafood and some local wine to go with it. And on the last night we drove out to the local viewpoint and watched the sunset (which is where we took the first picture on this post). If you are coming to NZ - I definetly recommend Kaikoura!

As for what else we have been up to, hmmm...
- Graeme was up in Auckland for the latest round of exams and now has the long wait for the results.
- Graeme and Dad have been busy in the garden sawing and chopping. It really was getting out of control but is starting to get a lot more manageable now.
- Christmas Eve we had friends over which was lots of fun
- we bought ourselves an early Xmas present of a PS2 and a whole heap of Singstar games and have been crooning our hearts out!
- Santa was good to us this year and we have had some lovely gifts.
- New Years was very quiet but good and we watched movies. Actually, we watched a few films over the festive season (some older then others) and I can definetly recommend Click with Adam Sandler, Elf (hilarious! :Santa's coming! I know him!") and The Notebook which is a total weepie chick flick!

So there you have it - a very quick update!
I am going to post my list of things I did in 2006 in my next post - hopefully tonight if I get round to it.

And to anyone reading this - wishing you all the best for 2007!

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