Sunday, January 20, 2008

2 posts in 2 days....crazy!

Before I launch into more stories of our trip and provide some photos from that I thought I would show you what we came home to....I spoke yesterday about the agapanthus being in bloom (a gorgeous colour blue) so here's a picture of that:

And also, back in November (I think it was around then) we bought some veggies to plant out. We got some spring onions and lettuce after successful growing last year and branched out into something new...some tomato plants.
We peeked at the veggie patch once we got home and were amazed at what we saw! We had lost the letture (R.I.P) but the spring onions are doing okay and the tomatoes are crazy!
Here is a picture to show what I mean:

This is after we spent a while trying to get them caned and tied up to wire along the fence. To begin with they were just a mass of leaves and green tomatoes on the floor of the veggie patch.
Now Graeme doesn't like tomatoes so methinks if these babies ripen up I will be living on tomatoes for a very long time!

So I plucked some spring onions out and got some fresh lemons from our lemon tree which magically produces lemons whenever I want them....I feel very country kitchen! Who would of thought I would be raving about home grown fruit and veg!
Of course the benefits to our own lemons includes an amazing lemon drizzle cake I can make and also lemon meringue pie - yum, which should I make first?

I'll be back soon with holiday pics and stories. In the meantime, I will bore you with yet another Rhett photo!

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