Sunday, January 27, 2008

2007 Ta Da List!

Hong Kong at Night, taken from The Peak

Following on from a similar post last year, I decided once again to write a list of what I/We have achieved in 2007 and post it for public viewing. I think the 2006 version will drop off the front page soon so here is a link to the month it was posted. I haven't quite worked out how to link to a specific post yet!

So here we go...

  • I wrote a novel...50,000 words in 30 days during the month of November

  • I got a new job (at GAP and will have been there a year come the 1st of Feb 08)

  • Graeme became self employed and started his own business

  • We went to Melbourne, Australia and saw our first Grand Prix

  • We visited the UK and saw friends and family (our 1st visit since we got to NZ in June 2005)

  • I became a stepdaughter when my Dad remarried

  • I joined Curves and got over 50 workouts

  • I did a 12.9km walk (& felt it afterwards! must do more this year!)

  • I had chickenpox (which I believe is quite an accomplishment, aged 25!)

  • I completed my Certificate in Freelance Journalism

  • I learnt how to be a book-keeper for work (thanks to Graeme for answering countless accounting questions!)

  • I went away on business and talked to large groups of people (I'm really not keen on public speaking so this was HUGE for me) as well as driving and finding my way around towns and cities in New Zealand I had never been to before

  • I went to the cinema all on my lonesome (to watch Music & Lyric's whilst in Melbourne by myself for work...I felt grown up enough to go on my own!)

  • I had my colours 'done' - I'm a summer apparently

  • We went horse trekking which was awesome (Graeme's first time on a horse and I hadn't been on one for donkeys!)

  • We made out wills (a little morbid but it's good to be prepared!)

  • We saw 2 sets of my great aunt and uncles when they were travelling around New Zealand

I wonder if there is anything I have forgotten! I am pleased with what I/we achieved in 2007 and the start of 2008 has already been busy and filled with new experiences. I am going to write down some goals for 2008 over the weekend and may post them on here as well.

I think it will be good fun in years to come to look back on these lists and see what I achieved at certain times in my life.

And now, I am going to go and enjoy the weekend! I didn't make it to the gym this morning (there's a surprise!) so need to try and get there twice next week before going away on Thursday. We didn't get to make tattie scones last night either as we were both too knackered after 4 days back at work and still fighting with our sleeping patterns! I have the ingredients at the ready though so will get to them!

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Anonymous said...

Found ya!

You guys have certainly been busy beavers in 2007! I am going to steal your idea and do one of these lists at the end of 08 for myself, hopefully will make for interesting reading as I hope this year with be a dynamic and exciting one for me (once I get over the homesickness!!!)

I found a Curves here in Hamilton today too (random useless information for ya :))

Lots of luv

Kelly xoxox