Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a quick one

I really did mean to do a longer post today with a few more photos but we just had a complete computer scare. I logged on earlier this evening ready to download my latest photos from the camera and blog with them when I couldn't access our Shared Pictures file - aaaah! Cue full panic! We did back this file up a few months ago but I had a major fit when I realised that we hadn't backed up any of the latest Australia or South Island pictures.

Luckily after Graeme had a long look and tried various things he managed to restore the folder but now he needs to get on the computer to do some work plus we need to run a back up of our photos!

So - if you are reading this - please learn from our panicked lesson and back up today :-)

I'll leave you with this...some stormy clouds over the wind turbines at Ashhurst on our walk with Rhett yesterday.....