Sunday, November 30, 2008

The List...

Here it is in all it's glory...27 frivolous, fun, serious and life changing things...

27 things to do at 27

1. Buy a wedding dress DONE
2. Write my 2nd 50k novel
3. Paint something ceramic DONE
4. Scrapbook (at least) 27 photos DONE
5. Read (at least) 27 books DONE
6. Get to 70kg or less
7. Spend a day watching movies DONE
8. Try out a spray/fake tan
9. Curl/colour my hair DONE (colour)
10. Write a letter to my future self DONE
11. Take 365 photos (at least 1 each day) DONE
12. Walk Rhett (at least) 52 times DONE
13. Make tiramisu DONE
14. Eat (at least) 365 pieces of fruit
15. Be a good Samaritan DONE
16. Write a poem DONE
17. Choose 1 song per month for my 27 compilation album DONE
18. Read a classic DONE
19. Blog (at least) 52 times DONE
20. Kiss Graeme (at least) 3 x 365 times (1,095) DONE
21. Lay on the warm grass & make up stories from the cloud ‘pictures’ DONE
22. Incorporate rainbows into my life DONE
23. Document my time with Graeme ready to celebrate 10 years together DONE
24. Moisturise my overworked hands every single day DONE
25. Vote (after careful consideration) for Prime Minister DONE
26. Develop & maintain a sensible house cleaning routine
27. Choose a wedding ring & an inscription DONE


Kelly said...

What am awesome list! I might steal this and edit it for my rapidly approaching 27th birthday. Sadly I don't have anything as exciting as a wedding to look forward to though

Graeme said...

Love the list... especially number 10. How far in the future are you planning on writing for?

I can't believe that it's heading towards the 10 year mark for you guys... how time flies!

P.S. Can you save me a bit of number 13 please?

Latharia said...

:) Looks like a super fun list!! :D We're doing 101 in 1001 days, which we're enjoying tremendously, too!