Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Ta Da List

Okay - here it is. It probably looks pretty random to anyone reading it.
One thing led to other things being listed and then I ended up going through some of my journals to feel the gaps.
You can see the previous lists here and here.

  • Visited Italy
  • Visited Hong Kong
  • Visited Thailand
  • Saw a good chunk of South Island
  • Become more confident driving long distances (after driving around South Island a couple of times!)
  • Journalled Christmas
  • Booked the wedding
  • Made and sent wedding invites
  • Saw friends and family in the UK
  • Made my 27 things to do aged 27 list and started ticking things off
  • Stood up for what I believed in at work
  • Held the fort
  • Voted in NZ for the 1st time
  • Bought a bike (and accompanying safety equipment)...and even used it occassionally!
  • Went back to Brisbane and Queensland
  • Walked in the rainforest treetops
  • Went on a road trip with my Mum and had the best time
  • Tried on wedding dresses and found one I love (not bought it yet though)
  • Graeme become Corporate Accountant at PNCC
  • Started wearing skirts and dresses again (& enjoying it!)
  • Did a lot of scrapbooking
  • Got a new camera
  • Stopped taking the pill
  • Found the most amazing wedding venue
  • Got a new water system and HRV for the house
  • Read way too many vampire novels and fell in love with most of them
  • Got granted returning residents visa’s indefinitely
  • Bought a treadmill (I need to use it more though!)
  • Attended ANZAC Dawn Parade in Christchurch and listened to the Last Post with goose pimples on my arms
  • Started a year long scrapbooking project which is now ¾ done
  • Celebrated 3 years in NZ
  • Blogged with much more enthusiasm and regularity compared to 2007
  • Took part in my first ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap
  • Finally upgraded my antiquated cell phone (which I’d had since June 2005 and it wasn’t up-to-date when I bought it!)
  • Kept a gratitude journal for approx. 11 months of the year
  • Found one of my most favourite places on earth (Queenstown)
  • Finally gave in and got prescription sunglasses and wish I’d done it earlier

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Kelly said...

That's quite an epic list! Congrats on achieving so much in 08