Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Post No. 14 - Goodbye Glasgow, Hello NZ!

We got our picture taken today (thankyou DJ!) in George Square in Glasgow with our New Zealand flag (and Graeme's All Blacks top!).
It is quite sad to be leaving Glasgow, it would have been 5 years this August I have lived here. Time has flown by!
The picture-taking wasn't completely random - it is for something specific which I hope to tell you more about in a few days.
So here it is, what do you think?

G&K George Square

Considering we took 3 lots of batteries and still couldn't get the camera to work and then Graeme had to go and buy batteries (£4 - can you believe it!?) I am quite pleased with the results!

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Kenny said...

Dear Katie and Graeme
I am very happy to see your picture here, after two years no seeing you both. Best wishes for your adventure. I am sure you two will be excited with your new life soon.

Be happy and with love