Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Post No. 22 - Observations

We went up the Sky Tower today - it was absolutely amazing - a must-see recommendation for anyone heading this way! We found discount vouchers in the various tourist leaflets/magazines we have picked up but even at full price it is well worth the money. We also paid the extra $3 to go up to the higher observation deck. We took loads of photos and once we work out how to get them online we will post some!

Went to bed after posting yesterday (around 3pm) and regretted it when we both found ourselves wide awake at midnight! We managed to activate the NZ sim card we have so anyone that has that number should now be able to reach us on that. We heard from a few people by text/phone call after activating the phone which was great!

Managed to get back to sleep around 2/3ish and I was awake again at around 5.30am this morning (a first for me!). Watched the NZ Breakfast telly and then headed out just before 9am. Went to Starbucks for some brekkie and then headed to the bank to activate the bank account. I was very taken by the ATM/EFTPOS cards which have a picture of a horse on them!

So some of my observations so far (see, what a clever title - we were observing from the Sky Tower and I also have some points to make):
* Starbucks is almost half the price here compared to the UK
* NZ Breakfast Telly presenters are really cheeky!
* It's really dark here in the mornings - doesn't get light until about 8am
* For winter - it's not too cold!
* Air New Zealand has a lot of male flight attendents (a few of which are good looking)

More observations to follow!

Oh, I nearly forgot - the Sky Tower has a casino at the bottom of it - we went in for a wander and some lunch....the minimum age is 20....and we got ID'd - how flattered am I? ! And Graeme at the grand ole age of 25 as well....must be our stress-free and laid back lifestyle that does it!

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