Sunday, June 26, 2005

Post No. 20 - En Route

This post was handwritten in my travel journal (Thanks AU!) at 2pm Saturday 25 June (UK time) / 1am Sunday 26 June (NZ time)

We are now on the 2nd leg of the flight - technically we actually lose Saturday 25 June as we left Los Angeles on Fri 24 and don't arrive in Auckland until Sun 26!

Our body clocks are completely messed up - its dark outside the plane and has been since we left LAX 7 or 8 hours ago.

The 1st leg of the flight (beginning at 4.15pm UK time)lasted 11 hours and we were continuously flying through daylight.

I managed a maximum of 2 hours slepp on 1st leg while Graeme managed a bit more. We've both had a couple of hours on this leg.

The flight has been fairly smooth - although we left late as actual grown-ups cannot follow instructions - they were using the toilet during the safety demo so we had to stop and wait for them resulting in the loss of our take off slot! There also seemed to be a huge delay at LA once we got on the plane and we were waiting to take off for what seemed like an eternity.

We have spent the flight reading, sleeping, eating, chatting to the bloke sitting next to us and playing travel Cluedo (thanks DJ and Craig!).

I'm sure you are all getting sick of hearing this but it still doesn't feel real! Mind you - I have been up since 7.30am on Fri 24 June with less then 5 hours sleep so I am living in a constant dream-like state!

Theres loads more I could say but I feel I may be rambling! Will hopefully supply another update once in Auckland!

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