Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Post No. 24 - Still jet lagged and Kelly Tarlton's

Well we lasted till 9pm last night before we finally gave into sleep! Part of the reason we lasted that long was due to DIY rescue on NZ telly 2....imagine if you can a macho heterosexual Queer Eye for the Straight Guy based on houses rather then people....fascinating! Also they have Friends and ER so I was in my element!

Woke up at 3am in the morning and started having all these great ideas...okay maybe they wern't so great but at 3am in the morning you think they are great! Think I managed to get back to sleep again about 5am and woke around 8.15ish.

Ended up in StarBucks again for breakfast but a different branch...I know, not very original but they have different food from the UK...yesterday I had Bacon and Egg Pie with veggies thru it warmed up and today I had a croissant with cheese, ham and mustard...quite strange but tasty!

We headed down to the Britomart which is the train/bus station in Auckland and caught the bus out to Kelly Tarlton's , its only about a 10 minute bus ride. Now it was $26 dollars to get in each (which is just over a tenner) so fairly pricey but I think it was well worth the money!

We were in there for about 4 hours and managed to watch the Stingray feed, the fish feed and the shark feed! Theres a Scott of the Antartic exhibit which is interesting and you get to go on a ride round the penguin enclosure! I love penguins - aren't they great!

It was raining when we come out and we got soaked on the way to the bus stop, wasn't that bothered though - it wasn't horrible stinging rain, was just a shower. I was saying to Graeme that this doesn't feel like Winter at all, its quite strange!

So tonight the Lions are playing Manawatu which is the region where Palmerston North is (our destination). So we are gonna head out to see if we can find a pub thats showing it.

Hoping to get some more signtseeing done tomorrow and Thursday as we plan to coach up to Northland on friday.


Kenny said...

I may be your first reader. Enjoy all your experience.

Mum / Linny said...

It's lovely to hear you are enjoying it all, and as for you Kate well what can i say (getting up at 5-30 ) it must be good.Love Linny xx