Monday, May 30, 2005

Post No. 12 - I can see clearly now

Auckland Skytower

I cannot believe that we will be here in 4 weeks time - eek!

So I got a picture for you all! A somewhat convuluted process but once we are there and taking our own pictures I am hoping it will get a little easier!

I went back to the opticians yesterday for a 2nd go at the whole contact lense thing. It went not bad! I managed to get them in quite easily and eventually after about 15 minutes I managed to get them out as well (I think it helped that I made sure my nails were really short this time so I couldn't scratch my eyeballs!) After a few more attempts, lots of eye watering and a few laughs I had those puppies in and out about 4 times so I was allowed to bring some away with me. I now have a 5 day trial and if I get on alright then I will actually be ALLOWED to buy some contact lenses! Woo-hoo - white water rafting here I come. (The log cabins don't look too bad either!)

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