Monday, May 23, 2005

Post No. 9 Itinerary/Map of North Island

Once we are arrive in NZ we plan to tour around North Island. (We hope to get to South Island a bit later on)

We land in Auckland and will spend a few days there.

Next we head up for a tour of Northland before coming back to Auckland.

From here we head down the West Coast to Palmerston North.

Then from Palmy we go on a circle off the East Coast and middle of North Island.

We have worked out where we want to go and how we are going to get about. Now we are just looking forward to getting there and doing it!

Here's a map of North Island so you can make sense of our convuluted itinerary!

North Island tour map

And what a wonderful example of all I learned the other day - in this post I have made use of turning words into links and I have managed to insert an image. I'll be a pro at this html stuff before you know it (even though I will be wearing glasses as opposed to contact lenses as I do it!)

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Vikki Love said...

Hi there! I'm glad to see that I'm the first person to leave a comment. So here goes... I thought the overall layout was colourful and easy to read (apart from the first paragraph, you might need to look at the grammar... 'ark at me... the college lecturer!) Very good, I'm very jealous, and excited for you! Have fun you two. Big kisses... Viks