Saturday, May 21, 2005

Post No. 7 - You Learn Something New Every Day!

And today I learnt how to make words links (huh? does that even make sense?) and how to edit my links on my sidebar.
So there you go - exciting stuff!

So can anyone suggest any links? Anyone got a blog they want me to link to on the proviso they link back to this one?

I suppose I should email people to let them know this is here so maybe, oneday, all these questions I keep asking aren't so rhetorical.

Maybe, one day, there will be living, breathing things reading this blog....when I say things, I'm not fussy - if a dog or a parrot takes a liking to my blog I will be chuffed....hmmmm perhaps I could do a mad competition - send in pictures of things reading my blog and I will pick the best one. The best one wins what? How 'bout the amazing accolade of being mentioned here!

Well I am sure I am scaring people off now...perhaps I should get Graeme to post - he might actually tell you stuff about NZ which is probably why you are here. If you are here at all, that is....

Right - that's it - I am emailing a few people to let them know this is here! If you are one of the people I have emailed please leave me a comment so I know that my non-sensical ramblings are being read.


The one that got 100% on your web test said...

Coming along nicely

Kate said...

Why - thank you kind person!
(....scratching my head wondering if by web test you mean the 80s quiz link on the blog or the test I designed to see how much people knew about me a little while ago. Hmmmmm, will need to ponder this...)Any suggestions the one that got 100% on your web test?