Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Post No. 75 - Not long till Xmas!

Hmmm, thought I would conduct an experiment with the photos tonight. Have one on the left, one on the right and see how it looks. What d'ya think? I thought you might like these two - one of me and one of G, both on similar bridges at opposite ends of North Island. We are both like little kids when we get on these type of bridges and have to jump up and down to make them swing! Shocking behaviour!

And mentioning shocking behaviour, I can hear the sounds of disgust you are all making at the title of todays post. Well, peeps, its really not that far now. And we have even more distance to think about this year than before. We need to have all our Xmas presents and cards bought and shipped by the 11th November - how scary is that! Its like a month! Maybe you should take this as advance warning that we may just ban Christmas this year to save on postage costs!

Well I better keep typing so this post doesn't look all weird with too much photo and not enough text....hmmmmm, what can I say? How 'bout Happy Birthday to a certain wise old man thats a very big age today! Very old, poor mite. He will have to go in a home soon....but ne'er ye mind ole git cos I've found you a nice one in Palmy up by the airport!
Now I think I will make myself scarce before I get told off!


Danica said...

Looks great! Of course, I'll take your pics any way you post them!

Gerry (ex Gerry and the pacemakers) said...

I like it!