Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Post No. 78 - Don't you just love the dentist!

I am going to blame my distinct lack of posts this last week on a variety of things:
a) a very painful wisdom tooth (more on this in a bit)
b) trying to find a new job
c) getting ready for our holiday to Australia

Excuses, excuses eh?!
So the tooth.....evil tooth, it was sore a few weeks ago and the pain revisited last Monday with a vengance. Those that know me well enough - will know how much I winge when I am in pain - so come Thursday Graeme was demanding I visit the dentist (understandable really!) So I had some recommendations from work to go and see Mr Joe on Main Street. Called on Friday and managed to get me an appointment for 10.20am this morning.
Now I was expecting the dentist to tell me to stop being such a wuss and send me on my way but oh, no, he did the thing I dread most (well, maybe not the most, my biggest fear of all is having a trachotemy - eeeek!)....he said I had to have a wisdom tooth out.
And you wanna know something really ironic - it wasn't even the one giving me the hassle! I had to have the top one out as that was digging into the botttom and causing inflammation and infection!
So I asked what would happen if I was just to leave it (what a wimp I am!) and he said it would get worse. I protested that I was going on holiday on Saturday and he said - all the better to do it today then to get it out the way.
At this point, I started hyperventalating. By the time, he had given me the injection (which, by the way, did NOT hurt - after the pain with the tooth all week it was nothing!) I had gone green and nearly threw up so they had to let me lie down for a while and compose myself. See if I could have stood up then - I would have run away!
So I finally calmed down a little and they took me to get an x-ray (harmless!) and when we came back he started prodding around in my mouth. It hurt! So he had to top me up on the drugs before going any further.
But see after all the fuss, it really wasn't so bad. He was poking about and stuff but I kept my eyes shut the whole time and all was well.
So know I am a quarter short of my wisdom....and the best thing, I have to go to the Oral Surgeon to have the bottom one out in the near future (in the meantime, I have anti-biotics) and while I am there I may as well have the other two out as the same problem will probably occur that side (as per the xray).
I was still shaking when I paid (but that may have been to do with the bill...and I have to multiply this by 3 next time!) and made my way out to the car. I called Graeme and asked him to come rescue me which he did - took me to the pharmacy for drugs, the supermarket for soup (theres no way I am eating solid food for a while!) and brought me home.
Went into work for a few hours and felt miserable as couldn't laugh or talk very much so I came home and curled up in bed with a book - the perfect cure!

Luckily my course of drugs ends on Saturday morning so I am planning to have a good drink in our first night in Australia (what with it being my birthday and all!!!!)


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I'm impressed, I would have thought at the first mention of "take it out" New Zealand would have seen it's very own first sighting of "Road Runner"

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