Monday, October 31, 2005

Post No. 81 - a good year!

Well what can I tell you. 1981 was a fabulous year as it was the year I was brought kicking and screaming into this world! And can't you all just picture a one year old Graeme - how cute!

Anyway I have digressed. Until I realised this was post number 81 I planned to show you more photos! Its like last Saturday with us flying out to Oz. We had loads of immigration paperwork to fill in (okay, I exaggerate - 2 small forms!) and every time they asked for todays date I filled in 22 October 1981! What a dafty!

So for starters here is a picture of me feeding a kookaburra on my great uncles balcony. I was feeding it bacon rind - the little meat eater - its a wonder it never pecked me fingers off!

And next up, here's a scary looking one for you. I think I will entitle this one 'Sharky and George' (hands up who remembers that great piece of television history?!)

Tomorrow its back to work for us....yuck! We've had a fabulous holiday and now its back to reality. Graeme heads back to counting those beans and I have the most fabulous temp job lined up this week - data entry at the University - woohoo! Very soon, our fun in the sun will become a distant memory!....then in 4 weeks time me da' arrives so more holidays - yipee!

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