Monday, October 03, 2005

Post No. 74 - Red Sky at Night

The Sky from our window the other night

Not really got much to say....for once....don't all be too shocked now!

Its Sunday and Graeme has been trying to complete our expression of interest (to do with extending/changing our visa) for a few hours. There are loads of questions and some are quite ambiguous! Saying that, he's got most of the way through it. I need to go and add some info in the relevant sections and speak to someone at Immigration to check if they really want me to list all of my family including aunts, uncles and cousins....cos thats gonna run into hundreds! (okay, maybe not quite!). And then we will get it submitted and wait with bated breath.

We found some really interesting statistics on the immigration website about how the system works and how many people are applying using the same category as us (over 800 applications every fortnight!) Scary stuff! So make sure you keep your fingers crossed for us! We will keep you informed of what happens when!

I got very excited yesterday when I realised it was three weeks to my birthday! Which, of course, means three weeks until we go to Australia! Yipee! Can't wait.

Onto other news...we finally found the wind farm yesterday and stood under the turbine. It was so windy (well duh Kate!) it took my breath away but it felt pretty amazing to be standing up so high. Of course, we didn't have the camera with us cos we wern't planning to go on a picture taking expedition when we left the house, we were just planning to go to the Stationery Warehouse so I could drool over scrapbooking supplies and start organising supplies for the NZ scrapbook I plan to make! But never fear - we will head back out again soon and get some pictures for you!

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